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Weíre looking forward to another active year at OWQA! The Ohio EPA and Ohio Department of Health will both be revising their rules including the EPA Green Book. The Ohio legislature will be taking up measures to address water quality across Ohio in reaction to the algae blooms. The WQA will continue to roll out the Modular Education Program.

OWQA will be right in the middle of all of these, but we need you to make a difference! This is your industry and your business environment. Join or renew today to make sure you donít miss any of the action! Click here to see a report of our Annual meeting and to renew your membership or join OWQA. You canít afford NOT to be part of the OWQA!

The Ohio Water Quality Association has long advocated for the Water Treatment Industry. The OWQA has decided that a Political Action Committee or PAC will enhance our ability to continue this tradition of representing our members with elected officials. To this end, OWQA has joined the Specialty Contractors Political Action Committee (PAC) to raise this unique kind of funding to further our political advocacy goals for the industry.

Now, more than ever, it is critical for the Water Quality Industry to educate our elected officials about who we are and show them the great resource that we can be as they consider complex environmental and business issues at the Ohio Statehouse. Having a PAC will allow the OWQA to pool our membersí personal resources to represent the industry at various political fundraisers to build the political relationships we rely on. OWQA will have control of how OWQA member contributions are spent and the OWQA Board will have oversight over the political strategy and giving decisions.

A PAC can only be funded with personal contributions. The PAC cannot accept corporate donations. The contributions will go toward the campaigns of those running for office in the Ohio General Assembly or for state-wide offices like the Governor, Secretary of State, etc. These contributions will be made to individuals who are friendly to the industry and share in our goals on industry issues. When appropriate, we will be able to pool our contributions with other industry groups that share our interests to heighten our impact with those candidates. There is important work to be done for our industry. The OWQA Board hopes that you will join them in their efforts to fund this Political Action Committee.

[Click here to open the PAC Participation Form]

Note: with tax season here, members may want to take advantage of IRS support info for new and small business. Click the logo to access this information.


ODH Private Water Systems Rulemaking Underway:

OWQA is participating in the Ohio Department of Healthís Private Water System Rules update process. These rules have not had an update since 2000 and many of those drafting errors still remain in place today. This will be a comprehensive revision that will include a fundamental reorganization of the structure of the documents as well as updating the technical nature of the rules. Sam Triola of Ray-Mar Water Treatment, Inc. and Valerie Dahlberg of the OWQA Staff have been representing the Water Quality Industry at these meetings. The review of the rules is almost complete and the Ohio Department of Health will be conducting regional meetings to discuss the proposed changes across the state. As soon as those dates are set we will publish them to the membership along with a summary of the proposed changes. If you have specific changes or suggestions that you would like to have considered, please contact Valerie Dahlberg at the OWQA Office: 888-294-0084 or

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