Benefits of OWQA Membership

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Beeline Purchasing
Find the best manufacturer-direct price for your equipment, materials and supplies.


Offers a unique debt collection process that preserves good relations with your customers.

OWQA Legal Services Plan
OWQA members are offered a free monthly legal consultation via phone or email.

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Contact With State Government

Through OWQA, the water treatment industry of Ohio speaks with one voice to government. We keep in close contact with the Ohio Department of Health, Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. This provides us the opportunity learn what changes are being proposed and to have input on issues that impact how you do business in Ohio.

We also closely monitor what is happening in the legislative arena.

OWQA Works Closely With WQA

While OWQA works right here in Ohio to guard your state rights, WQA works in your behalf at the national level. OWQA's Regent represents the state association at the national level. Problems beset the water treatment dealer at both the federal and state level; therefore, membership in both organizations is important.

We examine programs, problems and issues that could concern OWQA members...and put the facts at your fingertips, no matter where you live and work. Your association constantly keeps its ear to the ground, sifting and clarifying information vital to your business. We see that you receive new guidelines governing personal property assessment, individual septic system regulation permits for discharge of waste water, environmental regulations - anything at all that might affect your operations.

Periodic OWQA bulletins and newsletters bring this important information to you - clearly, factually, to save you hours of personal fact-gathering time. This service alone is worth several times the price of your OWQA membership.

Each year OWQA offers its members educational opportunities with seminars conducted by experts in water treatment and other fields.

Consumer Protection Standards Help Build, Keep Public Confidence

Our members subscribe to a Code of Ethics concerned with business practices that encourage consumer respect. As a result, our water treatment industry has earned public confidence at a period when many other businesses have lost it. Working together and with other consumer protection groups, we've discouraged the onslaught of "fast-buck artists"...and made OWQA the right business climate for your business. That's why you belong in OWQA - today!

We believe in and support the same fine business practices that you do!

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